Communicate with an AZD-KD step driver using a laptop

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Communicate with an AZD-KD step driver using a laptop

Postby jcacace » Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:06 am

Hi to all,

I am really new of modbus and step motor controllers like the AZD-KD, so sorry for my (hopefully) simple questions. I bought a solution with 3 AZD-KD connected via RJ45 connectors. For what I understand I have 1 master and 2 slaves. On the last slaves a RJ45 connector is free. I want to know if is possible to control all the motors using such port. I tried to search for a RJ45 -> USB adapter, but I am not sure that this will be enough to implement the modbus protocol in RTU mode.

Can you give me some hints to start the communication?? I have tried to connect my laptop using the mini-usb port on the side of the controller, and I am able to get/set parameters and position, but I want to implement a control loop for all the motors of my system

Thank you!

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Re: Communicate with an AZD-KD step driver using a laptop

Postby om_tech_support_AC » Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:07 am

Hi Jcacace,

For the USB to RS485 converter it would be suggested to use the MWE820A. For more information about MWE820A and the pinouts please refer to the document below. ... erter-(USB)-v2-0.pdf

It is possible to control up to 31 slaves using a master controller over RS-485. The mini-usb port on the AZD-KD only allows for communication with a single driver via a PC. Linked below is the start of Modbus RTU/RS-485 setup, wiring and communication examples for the AZ series. ... f#page=260

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