Introducing the SCX10 Stepping Motor Controller

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Introducing the SCX10 Stepping Motor Controller

Postby nickj » Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:38 am

Oriental Motor is proud to introduce the SCX10 universal controller, a single axis universal stepping motor controller that allows users the ability to operate any motor via three serial communication protocols, including RS-232C, CANopen and a USB interface.

By creating a controller that utilizes internationally recognized periphery standards, the SCX10 universal controller creates consistency across a wide-range of applications, allowing users more options and flexibility.

The SCX10 controller comes supplied with the easy-to-use “Immediate Motion Creator for CM/SCX Series” software for the PC and can be used either in an open loop or closed loop system. The software allows for ease of program creation by selecting system commands and start of operation with the click of a simple start button. The GUI also provides functions such as real time monitor for the teaching position, current position and I/O status, system parameter setting, and I/O assignment.

The various connectivity options for the SCX10 universal controller gives users the ability to program sequence commands through four different interfaces: stand-alone operation using sensors and switches, direct command via CANopen, operation via a PC or programmable controller.

Additionally, the SCX10 can store 100 sequence programs internally and execute various operations, from simple movements like “repeated positioning operation” to complicated controls like “operation by calculating the value based on external inputs”.
The SCX10 universal controller also has a function for external encoder inputs for users who need to continually monitor feedback position and position error. Compatible inputs are line driver, open collector and TTL inputs. The controller is also equipped with Intelligent Setting, allowing users to program data for speed and travel amount as the unit of actual motion such as “mm”, “inch” and “revolution”.

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