Introducing DG II Series: efficiency and FLEX control

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Introducing DG II Series: efficiency and FLEX control

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:56 pm

Oriental Motor USA is pleased to announce the introduction of our DG II Series which replaces the original DG Series. The DG II Series now comes with the AR series motor providing high efficiency and energy savings along with our new built-in controller (stored data) driver or the standard pulse input driver. On the 130 and 200 mm AC input, an electromechanical brake is now offered. The rotational gear remains the same from the original DG series. AC or DC input drivers are also offered and a 3 meter (9.8 ft.) cable is included in all packages at no additional cost.

DG II series hollow rotary index table, motor, driver product pictures.jpg
DG II series hollow rotary index table, motor, driver product pictures.jpg (78.61 KiB) Viewed 4476 times

Product specifications are very similar to the original DG series in moment load, positional accuracy and mounting specifications due to the original gear structure being maintained. New are all the advantages from the AR Series motor and new driver types. With the new DG II FLEX, stored data driver with built-in controller, the burden on the PLC or Touch Screen (HMI) is reduced because the data necessary for motor operations is stored within our driver. This simplifies the system configuration for multi-axis control. Settings can be configured using the controller module, OPX-2A, (sold separately) or with the data setting software, MEXE02, or via Modbus RTU through RS-485 communication.

New Features of the Built-in Controller (Stored Data) Type
o The necessary operation data is stored within the driver
- Return-to-Home operation
- Positioning operation
- Continuous operation
- JOG operation, Automatic return operation
o Offers the ability to connect to a PLC (Master Controller) or Touch Screen (HMI) easily
- I/O Control
- Modbus (RTU) Control
- Factory Automation (FA) Network through RS485 or network converter

Accessories (Sold Separately):
DG II FLEX, stored data series OPX-2A control module.jpg
DG II FLEX, stored data series OPX-2A control module.jpg (17.86 KiB) Viewed 4476 times

OPX-2A hand-held control module or MEXE02 data setting software
For setting the driver’s internal Parameters and setting or changing the data. It can also be used for speed and I/O monitoring and teaching functions.

Data Setting Software Communications Cable (for MEXE02)
*Note: MEXE02 software is now available for free download via ... index.html. Use the communications cable to connect the PC to the driver (sold separately) .

We are also introducing the DG II series with the most competitive pricing ever. Please discuss your motor application with our technical support engineers to determine if which DG II series model would work best for you. You can either post your question here, e-mail, call, or chat with us online.

For introductory information on our DG II series, please click the link below: ... -data.html

For the DG II series product and accessories catalog, please click the link below: ... Series.pdf

For more technical information on the control methods for our FLEX products, FLEX concept, and MEXE02 software screenshots, please click the link below:

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