CRK Software: Losing Uploaded Program

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CRK Software: Losing Uploaded Program

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed May 18, 2011 4:31 pm

Q: I have a CRK series high resolution stepper package with the indexer driver (built-in controller). I have written programs that worked with output signals sent from another device. I have since connected the included Immediate Motion Creator GUI software, and tried to run programs from there to test. It worked at first, but my problems began after I uploaded a program to the Immediate Motion Creator software. It will work at first, but if I cycle power to the CRK controller, and try to run the same program again, it won't do anything. I would have to download the program again to the Immediate Motion Creator, then it will work like before....until I cycle power again. It seems like the CRK controller is losing memory when I cycle power even after downloading the program. Can you help?

A: This problem can be easily understood if you know what our software and controller are doing when you UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD. When you are doing an UPLOAD, it means that you are uploading the programs from the CRK controller to the Immediate Motion Creator software. When you do a DOWNLOAD, it means that you are downloading the programs from the Immediate Motion Creator to the CRK controller. With that said, when you upload a program from the CRK controller, run it, then turn the power off, our CRK controller will reset and indeed lose the program that was downloaded before. It's what it's supposed to do. The program is still saved in the CRK controller; just not on the software. An easy fix to this is to save a main program under the name, CONFIG, then this main program will run every time CRK controller is powered up.

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