Increasing Torque While Minimizing Footprint

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Increasing Torque While Minimizing Footprint

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:10 pm

Q: I'm using a size 17 and a size 23, 1.8 deg step motor for our micro fluid pumps, and in our new design, we need to increase torque by a minimum of 20% without increasing the motor frame size in order to increase my speed and throughput. I don't have an option to switch out our current driver, and we are maxed out on driver voltage power supply. I am having a difficult time finding a motor that works. Do you have any motor options you can recommend? We also have another similar application which requires an even smaller step motor, but with the same torque output as a size 17 step motor and with encoder feedback. Is this even possible? Please help!

A: I would suggest that you begin by looking at our High Torque step motors. These step motors can output up to 50% more torque when compared with other step motors of the same size in the market, and we also offer these with encoders. The improvement in torque output of these motors was a result from the optimization of our motor design as well as an increase in precision in our manufacturing methods.


If you need help calculating your motor requirements (torque, speed, inertia), we offer a FREE ONLINE MOTOR SIZING TOOL that you can use: (registration required)


For your first micro fluid pump requiring a size 17 motor with more high speed torque, I would suggest that you look at the PK244PA model. This motor has 6 wires. Since you did not specify if you had a unipolar or bipolar driver, a 6 wire motor will be able to work with both types of drivers. This motor will allow you to increase torque without increasing the frame size. With this change, you are gaining about 47% more torque than a size 17 motor of the same stack length.

PK244PA PRODUCT PAGE: ... rs/pk244pa

Here's a 23 size high torque type for your other micropump.

PK264PAA PRODUCT PAGE: ... s/pk264paa

For your micropump requiring an even smaller motor and encoder feedback, I would suggest that you look at the PK233PAR26 model. This motor also has 6 wires so it's compatible with both unipolar or bipolar drivers. This motor will allow you to downsize the motor, reduce footprint, and reduce weight while keeping the torque the same as a 17 size single stack length motor. We have encoder options from 2-channel, 200 pulse/rev, up to 3-channel, 400 pulse/rev. The model I recommended includes a 3-channel, 400 pulse/rev encoder.

PK233PAR26 PRODUCT PAGE: ... pk233par26

Please let us know if you have any questions. If these recommended models don't work for some reason, I'm confident that we can offer another product from our deep product breadth that would. If you need additional assistance, our experienced tech support engineers can be reached by calling 800-468-3982. You can also reply to this post (website registration required), or e-mail us @ [email protected].

NOTE: Specifications can also be found easily with the part number search on our website.

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