AR: Overflow Rotation Alarm / Alarm Code 10 & 12

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AR: Overflow Rotation Alarm / Alarm Code 10 & 12

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:20 pm

Q: I have a 4 blink LED alarm on my AR motor driver which points to an "overflow" alarm; as well as alarm codes 10 and 12. This occurs 50% of the time at the end of my travel. I do have varying loads from time to time on my linear ball screw setup. What can I do to keep this from happening again?

A: The 4 blink LED alarm on the AR driver points to 2 possible phenomenons: "overflow rotation during current on", and "overflow rotation during current off" (to the motor). The 1st alarm will cause the 2nd alarm if the 1st alarm is not properly cleared first. Basically, the 1st alarm, overflow rotation during current on means that when the current is being supplied to the motor (with the C-ON input), the deviation between the commanded position and the actual position at the motor output shaft exceeded the value set in the parameter for the specific alarm.

I believe that the bigger loads that you put on your machine causes the overflow alarm since it requires more torque to stop the larger inertial loads. If the AR motor is undersized, or doesn't have enough torque to stop the load, overflow rotations would happen.

1. First, remove the cause for the alarm by reducing the load or increasing the time for acceleration and deceleration. If the AR driver is in current control mode/performing a push motion, increase the current limit value. If the AR driver is not in current control / push motion mode, see if you can increase the RUN/STOP current for the motor.
2. Use either the ALM-RST input (Alarm Reset), the OPX-2A external control module, or the MEXE02 software to clear the alarm.
3. You can also change the alarm parameters for the overflow alarm by increasing the # of rotations it has to deviate before the alarm occurs [APP-5-01].
4. The 2nd 4 blink arm (overflow during current off) occurs if you turn on the C-ON input while the 1st 4 blink alarm (overflow during current on) is still active. Do not turn on the C-ON input while an overflow alarm during current off alarm is active, or you can change the parameters for the auto return parameter [SyS-1-03] to "disable".

For more information about alarms, please refer to the operating manuals for the AR series:
AR SERIES AC TYPE: ... 60156E.pdf
AR SERIES DC TYPE: ... 60139E.pdf

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