Reducing Noise/Vibrations at Low Speeds

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Reducing Noise/Vibrations at Low Speeds

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:41 pm

Q: I'm trying to run a step motor @ 30 RPM as quiet as I can for a motorized advertising display application. I am new to your products. Which product would you recommend, and how would I achieve this with your products?

A: We would recommend using a high resolution motor/driver package from us that features the "SMOOTH DRIVE" function.

I would probably have you start by looking at the AR series since it offers all of the advantages that are gaining popularity within the industry. The AR series offers closed-loop feedback with position correction on the fly, a continuous duty rating which is uncommon for step motors, and the Smooth Drive function which nearly eliminates vibration and noise at low speeds.

If you want to decrease noise and vibration even more, we would recommend that you look at the RK series or CRK series which offer Smooth Drive and finer microstepping than the AR series. The RK series and CRK series drivers are capable of a fine resolution of up to 250 microsteps per step or 125,000 steps per revolution with a 0.72 deg step motor. We also offer high resolution type 0.36 deg step motors which would double the resolution to 250,000 steps per revolution, plus increase your stopping accuracy from +/-0.05 deg to +/-0.034 deg.

Currently, the AR series, CRK series, RBK series, RK series, CRK series, DRL series, and the DS series microstepping drivers all have Smooth Drive capability. Most of our current drivers offer microstepping.

Please click below for more information about our step motor/driver packages: ... index.html

The Smooth Drive function ensures low-vibration and low-noise operation at low speeds by microstepping internally within the driver without requiring the user to recalculate and change the resolution of their pulse signal from their controller. Basically, the user can enjoy the benefits of microstepping without having to microstep. This makes a surprising difference in noise since microstepping decreases the amplitude of vibrations from step to step.

Here's some reference data on what the Smooth Drive function is capable of:

Smooth Drive.jpg
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