C-ON input for a safety light curtain

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C-ON input for a safety light curtain

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:37 am

Q: Hi, I am designing an application using an Oriental Motor AR series stepper motor and drive system. I need to install a safety light curtain to disable the motor every time the user reaches in through the light curtain. The user will be reaching in through the light curtain every cycle so I wouldn't think dropping power to the controller would be an option. Unless I can run the motor power wires through a contact, how do I connect this system to a light curtain safety circuit?

A: You are correct, removing power to the motor might not be an option to do every cycle since at least 10 seconds are required to cycle power (shown in timing charts). Furthermore, since this is a closed-loop system, running the motor wires through a contact will generate an alarm.

You can use the C-ON input. If you connect your light curtains to the C-ON input, the controller stays powered but it cuts power to the motor if they reach in and when they clear the curtains they don't need to wait 10 seconds to reset the contact.

Please note that C-ON also releases holding torque and the motor would be free unless it is equipped with an electromagnetic brake.

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