SCX11 changing distance values on the fly

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SCX11 changing distance values on the fly

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:26 pm

Q: For my application I want to consider using the SCX11 universal controller. Ideally I would like to program a sequence with parameters such as acceleration, deceleration, starting velocity, running velocity etc. however I do not want to include a distance value. I’d like to assign the distance value using ASCII and use the START input to run the motion is this possible? Can you provide an example?

A: Yes, this is possible. Below is an example.

In system configuration assign an input to START, ABORT, PSTOP

(create a sequence 0):

Seq 0
( 1) VS 500 (starting velocity 500Hz)
( 2) VR 1000 (running velocity 1000Hz)
( 3) TA 0.25 (acceleration 0.25s)
( 4) TD 0.25 (deceleration 0.25s)
( 5) MI (move incremental)

Via a terminal window changing the value of distance (DIS), DIS 1000 or DIS 50000 etc. this value can be your desired movement. Once you send this value via ASCII, then run the program via START Input, it will execute with the DIS value entered. To stop the motor if you need to stop, you can use the PSTOP (panic stop) input. The PSTOP input stops the motor as quickly as possible (hard stop) and stops the sequence, and then takes the alarm action determined by ALMACT. An alarm can generate therefore you would also need an ALMCLR (alarm clear) input. If you would prefer, you can change the ALMACT setting so that when the PSTOP input is triggered, no alarm is generated. You can also use the ABORT input and this will stop the motor and exit the program, no alarm is generated.

If the parameters for acceleration, deceleration, running velocity, starting velocity etc are fixed values, you can also assign these via ASCII and create a sequence 0 and in your program only have MI. When the start is triggered you can move based on the DIS value.

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