CRK Flex: changing speed for FWD/RVS continuous rotation

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CRK Flex: changing speed for FWD/RVS continuous rotation

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:43 pm

Q: I am using CRK FLEX (stored data) series, and I wish to use the FWD input and RVS input to continuously rotate my motor in either direction, how can I change the speed? In the MEXE02 data editing software, it does not have continuous speed setting setting. It only has a Jog speed setting, is it the same?

A: The jog speed is not the same as the FWD / RVS continuous rotation speed. Changing the jog speed will only affect JOG operation; not FWD/RVS operation. We would suggest using JOG if you wish to move a specified distance (FYI default setting is 1 step). If you want to continuously rotate the motor while the FWD or RVS input is on, and stop when the input turns off, please use the FWD and RVS inputs. You may have to reassign some inputs with the MEXE02 software.

With the MEXE02, you can change the continuous FWD / RVS speed setting by programming the speed in the operation data # 1-64. Remember to write data to the controller. Then you would have to select an operation data # by turning on/off M0~M5 inputs. The combination of ON/OFF states of M0 to M5 inputs determine the operation data #. After the correct operation data # is selected, turning on either the FWD or RVS input would cause the motor to rotate at the preset speed for the selected operation data #. It will ignore move distance which is also programmed in operation data # 1~64.

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