Right-Angle Gearheads and Synchronous/Torque/SMK Motors

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Right-Angle Gearheads and Synchronous/Torque/SMK Motors

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:59 pm

Q: Why can't I use your world K series synchronous motors or torque motors with your right-angle gearheads? What if I used a low-speed synchronous motor like your SMK series?

A: As an extra measure to keep the grease inside our right-angle gearheads, we have implemented a shaft seal on our right-angle gearheads. This shaft seal increases the motor's starting torque requirement. The regular AC induction, reversible, and electromagnetic motors are fine, but since our synchronous motors and torque motors have lowering starting torque characteristics than the compatible motors we list with our right-angle gearheads. In some cases, they may have trouble starting rotation on the gear shaft - especially with lower gear ratios (30:1 or less). This is why we do not recommend using right-angle gearheads with synchronous motors or torque motors.

However, our SMK series low-speed synchronous motors do have sufficient starting torque characteristics for our right-angle gearheads. These are small motors with high torque outputs. Because of their high torque characteristics, they will work fine paired with right-angle gearheads, and they will be great for very low speed / accurate speed applications.

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