Pinion Shaft: GE vs GU

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Pinion Shaft: GE vs GU

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Mon May 14, 2012 2:59 pm

Q: What is the difference between the GE pinion shaft and the GU pinion shaft of your AC motors?

A: In short, the GE pinion shaft is a newer and improved version of the GU pinion shaft. The "GE" designation is from the newer world K-series of AC motors. The "GU" designation is from an older series of AC motors (still available for some time). The improvements on the newer series include lower noise, longer life, RoHS compliancy, and the addition of a dedicated PE ground screw terminal on the side of the motor to make it easier to ground the motor. However, the gearheads that are designed to work with the GE pinion shaft do not work with motors with the GU pinion shaft, and vice versa. A good general rule to ensure compatibility is to make sure that both of the motor and gearhead model numbers have either "GE" or "GU" in them. GE motors are designed to work with GE gearheads, and vice versa. The orientation of the spiral grooves between the GE and GU pinion shafts are also reversed.

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