Faster replacements for V-series electromagnetic brake motor

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Faster replacements for V-series electromagnetic brake motor

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:52 am

Q: I use a number of your V-series AC electromagnetic brake motors in my product lifters. One of my lifters just went down. I just found out that the motors now take about 3 weeks to ship because they are being phased out. I really don't have 3 weeks to wait to get my machine working. I also cannot use the standard World K-series AC motors which also offer electromagnetic brakes since they don't produce as much torque. Can you offer any other motors to get my machine going ASAP?

A: We can either offer a motor sizing to see if the World K-series AC electromagnetic brake motors will still work for your application with less torque, we can take a look at our brushless speed control motor systems such as the BX, BLE, or BLV series, or we can go with a Japanese standard equivalent model.


Just fill in the blanks, and it will calculate your motor requirements such as inertia, speed, and torque. If you have trouble, our technical support staff will be able to help.

2. BRUSHLESS MOTOR SYSTEMS - for closed-loop, accurate speed control and higher efficiency operation ... index.html


However, these are not listed on our website, only Japanese literature is offered, and all Japanese standard products are non-cancellable/non-returnable. We use English abbreviations in our specifications as well as metric mm units in the drawings.

Please see catalogs below for different output powers:
(813.91 KiB) Downloaded 336 times

(884.32 KiB) Downloaded 355 times

(947.67 KiB) Downloaded 487 times

(978.15 KiB) Downloaded 354 times

(1016.72 KiB) Downloaded 399 times

(1.1 MiB) Downloaded 363 times

EXAMPLE: a VHR425A2M-180U V-series model is replaced by a 4RK25AWM-180U K II series model. Dimensions/specifications are the same between V-series and K II series equivalent models.

Please contact our technical support team if you have any questions.
PHONE 800-468-3982
E-MAIL [email protected]

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