Lower speed limit for BMU series

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Lower speed limit for BMU series

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Thu Aug 13, 2015 6:26 pm

Q: I'm building a simple advertising display turntable with a BMU6200SCP-100A-3 200W motor and driver. For this application, I need the speed to be really slow. My speed range is 0.8~40 RPM with my 100:1 gear ratio, but I'm looking to slow it down to atleast 0.5 RPM or slower. I see this page on your BMU series manual:

BMU speed upper limit, lower limit setting parameters.jpg
BMU speed upper limit, lower limit setting parameters.jpg (153.85 KiB) Viewed 3071 times

What does the "0, 50 to 4000" mean? Does that mean if I set the lower speed limit from 50 default to 0, I can use the full 0~4000 RPM speed range?

A: Yes you can set the speed lower limit parameter to 0. However, we would suggest lowering your speed range with a different method. For the BMU series, we offer a "rated" speed range of 80~4000 RPM at the motor (0.8~40 RPM at the gear/output shaft with 100:1). If you operate the motor outside of the rated speed range, our specifications such as speed regulation will not be guaranteed. Therefore, you may experience unstable operation at anything lower than 80 RPM at the motor, or 0.8 RPM at the gear/output shaft. At anything lower than 50 RPM, the motor speed may jump all the way to zero therefore stopping the motor.

We would suggest that you increase your gear ratio to 200:1 so you can use a rated speed range of 0.4~20 RPM. You can either purchase the BMU6200SCP-200A-3 package model that includes everything: motor, driver, gearhead, and motor cable, or you can simply switch out your gearhead GFV6G100A to GFV6G200A.

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