SDM496: "FIX" Input?

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SDM496: "FIX" Input?

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:39 pm

Q: I'm using the SDM496 digital display for one of your speed control systems. I read the description of the "0" or "FIX" input (terminal 4) in the manual, and I can't seem to understand the function of this input. Can you explain this to me?

Here's the description:

■ “0” FIX (switching signal for the first digit figure) signal input (terminal 4)
The first digit figure displays “0” when not connected. When the first digit figure of the
rotation number needs to be displayed, it connects to GND.
The number of rotation is calculated and displayed on the basis of the number of
tachogenerator signals being input in a second, or the number of SPEED signals.
Therefore, under the low speed motor driving, displayed figures should be changed,
depending on whether one count is taken or not. Also, under the stable speed ranges
(3 to 10%) of the speed control motor of the tachogenerator output, the first digit
figure is not accurately displayed.

A: Sure. All this input does is display the number after the decimal point in the SDM496 display when it is turned on (or connected to GND). If this input is not connected to GND, then the number after the decimal point will always show "0". It either displays the number after the decimal point or not; depending on the accuracy requirement of your display.

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