ES01/ES02: Turning on Power to Run the Motor?

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ES01/ES02: Turning on Power to Run the Motor?

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:44 pm

Q: With your ES series speed controllers, I noticed that your RUN/STOP and RUN/BRAKE inputs are normally open. This means that if I don't have these connected, then the motor will take off running when I turn on power to the ES controller. Is it OK if I skip the wiring of these RUN/STOP and RUN/BRAKE inputs, and just use the switching of AC power to run my motor?

A: We can only suggest the normal method proposed in our manual. The normal method suggests that you use the RUN/STOP and RUN/BRAKE inputs to run the motor as separate step after turning on power to the ES controller. Normally, you would not want the motor to take off running as soon as power is supplied to its controller for safety purposes. If you really want to try this, we would suggest that you test your method thoroughly before standardizing the operation on your machine(s). We would also suggest that you minimize this type of procedure to avoid potential issues since we do not have long-term test data behind your proposed procedure. In addition, you will not have the option to stop the motor instantaneously like you would with the RUN/BRAKE input.

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