US series: maximum speed fine adjustment potentiometer

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US series: maximum speed fine adjustment potentiometer

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue May 21, 2013 4:34 pm

Q: When I remove the front panel of your USP206-1U2 US series speed controller, I see a smaller poteniometer that can be turned by a screwdriver. What is this potentiometer for? How do I use it?

A: The smaller potentiometer behind the front panel of your speed controller is the maximum speed fine adjustment potentiometer. This is to fine-tune the large speed potentiometer by matching the top setting of the potentiometer to the top speed of either 90 to 1400 r/min (50 Hz) or 90 to 1600 r/min (60 Hz). The set speed does not change in the range of 90 to 1400 r/min, even when the power supply frequency changes.

The reason for this is because the speed may exceed the upper limit of the variable-speed range before the speed potentiometer is turned to the maximum level (HIGH side). When the maximum-speed adjustment potentiometer is used, the entire range of the speed potentiometer can be used.

Note The “RUN/STAND-BY” switch does not turn the power on and off. Install a separate power switch for situations where the motor is to be stopped for extended periods of time.

How to adjust maximum speed
Remove the front panel and adjust the maximum speed according to the following procedure:
1. Set the “RUN/STAND-BY” switch to “RUN”.
2. Turn the speed potentiometer to the maximum level.
3. Turn the maximum-speed adjustment potentiometer until 1400 r/min (50 Hz) or 1600 r/min
(60 Hz) is reached. Turning the potentiometer counterclockwise increases the maximum speed,
while turning it clockwise decreases the speed. Use an insulated precision Phillips screwdriver
for the adjustment.

Note When the maximum-speed adjustment potentiometer was used to adjust the maximum
speed, readjustment will be necessary if the power supply frequency has been changed.

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