Hollow Shaft Gearhead Mounting Orientation

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Hollow Shaft Gearhead Mounting Orientation

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:36 pm

Hollow shaft gearhead shaft mounting

Q: I am interested in your hollow shaft gearhead design for brushless DC motors. I am working on an application where I would like to mount the shaft onto your gearhead so that the shaft comes out the same side as the motor is mounted. I noticed that in your manual, you only listed mounting instructions for one direction, where load shaft comes out the opposite side of the motor. Can I mount it so that it comes out the same side as the motor?

A: In regards to your question, our brushless DC motors with hollow shaft gearhead can have the external output shaft mounted in either direction. The dimensional drawing for hollow shaft gearhead shows a cross section view of the bore (please use the link below to download dimensional drawing for 104mm frame size)

http://catalog.orientalmotor.com/browse ... etid=53755

104mm frame size hollow shaft gearhead cross-section view
capture-20140717-142418.png (76.57 KiB) Viewed 2411 times

Please note the dimensional drawing for the bore shows exactly the same dimension and structure on each end, where a ball bearing provides support on each side. Therefore, the overhung load and thrust load are the same as well regardless the mounting orientation. In addition, 2 tab holes for mounting protective back covers are available on both sides.

Please feel free to contact Oriental Motor Technical Support if there are any additional questions.

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