Linking LIMO Controllers

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Linking LIMO Controllers

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:38 pm

Q: I used a CC002EZ1-L controller link cable before for my EZ LIMO linear motorized slide systems before. Now I am upgrading to the EZ II series motorized slide system, but my controller link cable is now discontinued. I don't see a replacement cable for it. What do I do now to link my controllers?

A: We have discontinued the controller link cable for the newer versions. The CC002EZ1-L controller link cable was used to link different older version controllers together so you can use either the EZT1 pendant or the EZED2 software to program multiple controllers from one single connection.

If you still want to link your controllers together, here are some possible methods:
1. Switch out the standard ESMC-A2, ESMC-C2, or ESMC-K2 controller with an alternative type controller which allows for daisy-chaining. This would be our Alphastep plus series driver/controllers. You would also need to purchase the CC002ES-AS conversion cable in order to use the alternative controller.
2. Just plug and unplug the EZT1 pendant or EZED2 software cable to each individual ESMC-A2 controller to set parameters.

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