EZ LIMO: Optional Programmable Controller

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EZ LIMO: Optional Programmable Controller

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:19 pm

Q: I am interested in using your SPV series belt-driven slide systems for its 1 meter+ stroke and its ability to reach 1500mm/second speeds. After reading through the literature regarding its controls, I realized that I cannot write a program to control the slide. Instead, I need to program specific distances and speeds into the controller, then use a PLC or switch device to command the system to move. In my application, I need to put in specific time delays between a few moves, and I want to avoid using a complex PLC. I would like just a few buttons/switches to command the system to do specific moves. I also need some I/O for communication with other equipments. Do you have something similar to the SPV slides with a different PC programmable controller that allows me to execute a sequence of moves with time delays in between? I can build a switch device for it.

A: Yes, we have a couple of different ways to do this with our products.

There is a dip switch on the ESMC controller that allows you to set the controller into "driver mode". In this mode, the ESMC controller (standard controller for SPV series and other LIMO systems) will accept pulse and direction signals from a pulse generator. For example, our recommended universal pulse generator, SCX10, is priced economically at just $385 each. This controller offers 9 configurable inputs and 4 configurable outputs. It will allow you to write specific motion sequences, add in time delays, plus much more.

[ SCX10 ]
WEB: http://catalog.orientalmotor.com/item/a ... lers/scx10

If the above standard method doesn't work for you for some reason. We do have another option which is to replace the standard LIMO ESMC "stored data" type controller with an intelligent "stored program" type driver with a built-in PC programmable pulse generator from the Alphastep Plus series. We will require you to purchase an additional conversion cable (see below) for this driver in order for it to accept the SPV series motor cable connector. Since the SPV motor and the Alphastep Plus driver are not a standard pairing, we do not have literature about this pairing specifically so you may have to work with some missing information. For example, the resolution on the SPV series slides are set to 0.05 mm per step when using the standard ESMC controller (in driver mode). If you choose to use the Alphastep Plus driver option, then your resolution may be different since the Alphastep Plus driver offers microstepping (500/1000/5000/10000 steps per revolution). It will depend on how you set your resolution. While this intelligent driver is not as feature-rich as the SCX10 mentioned above, it is able to do motion sequences and add in time delays. The advantage of the Alphastep Plus driver is that it combines the functions of the controller and driver into one product.

[ CC002ES-AS ]

If you choose to try this pairing, please follow the table below for the correct pairings of LIMO actuator and Alphastep Plus driver models. Failure to comply will result in unexpected issues. Please understand that this method is not normally what we recommend since we have not done extensive testing of these combinations. There is some risk involved. If you need more information, please discuss your application requirements with our technical support group.

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