Can-do:Complete System Solution for Linear and Rotary Motion

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Can-do:Complete System Solution for Linear and Rotary Motion

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:20 am

Can-do: Complete System with Simple Control Solution for Linear and Rotary Motion

Q: I am trying to upgrade some inspection tables in my factory. These inspection tables weight about 20 lbs loaded so they are quite heavy for my operators to manually adjust the height. Therefore I would like to automate this adjustment process and also add an automated mechanism that can rotate the tables 360 degrees. I have listed the basic requirements for this application below:

1. Travel distance from top limit to bottom limit is 30 inches.
2. Travel speed is 4-5 in/sec
3. Positioning accuracy should be smaller than ¼ in.
4. Control mechanism need to be simple: I want to use either push button or toggle switches to control the upward and downward motion.
5. Emergency shut off switch and LED indicator showing the table is moving are also needed in order to comply with our factory safety guidelines.

I prefer to purchase the complete system from a single vendor. Can Oriental Motor supply actuators for both the linear and rotary motion I need for this application?

A: Oriental Motor can provide the complete solution for both of your linear and rotary applications with the EZS II series linear actuator and DG series rotary actuator.

For your vertical application, the model number EZS6E080M-A can be considered. This model with 74mm X 66.5mm frame size can support up to 30Kg (66Lb) vertically and achieve 200mm/s (7.9 in/sec) maximum speed. The stroke of this model is 800mm that covers your requirement of 762mm (30in), and the repetitive positioning accuracy is +/- 0.02mm (0.0008in). The linear slide utilizes a high quality ball screw system [See figure below] and coupled with a closed loop stepping motor to ensure efficiency. This mechanism enables to achieve the repetitive accuracy of the system.

Untitled.jpg (34.72 KiB) Viewed 4330 times

ez limo2.jpg
ez limo2.jpg (65.44 KiB) Viewed 4330 times

Combined with a driver that features a built-in controller, the EZS II series will provide the complete system for your automated inspection table. In addition, since actuator will operate vertically for your application, we recommend the electromagnetic brake type which features a power-off activated brake to lock the load in its place for safety in case of power loss.

In terms of the control, EZS II operating parameters such as speed, acceleration, deceleration and brake etc. can be set up by using either the teaching pendant EZT1 or EZED2 software that is available as accessories. For your application, once you use the teaching pendant or software to set the operating speed to100m/s, the positioning can be easily achieved by connecting switches to the FWD (forward) and RVS (reverse) inputs on the driver. Depending on which input is activated, linear slide will move continuously in the corresponding direction until the signal is turned off, or the mechanical limits are reached. In addition, you can also connect your external LED to the MOVE output on the driver, which stays active when the actuator is in motion, and turns off when actuator stops.
Our EZS II series motorized linear slides will include all the necessary parts to achieve linear vertical motion for your inspection table. The EZS II slides are available in three different frame size with stroke lengths from 50mm to 850mm, and capable of carrying up to 60Kg horizontally, or 30Kg vertically.
For more detailed information on the EZS II series linear slides, please use the link below to view the product specification on our website: ... eries.html

To rotate the inspection table, we offer the DG series rotary actuator combined with our Alpha step plus built-in controller/driver for easy setup and operation. For this particular application, DGM85R-ASAA and ASD24A-AP can be considered. The actuator consists of a closed loop stepping motor and a gear-reduction mechanism preassembled. A proprietary adjustment mechanism is utilized to minimize backlash and a cross-roller bearing is employed to provide high thrust load while keeping overall actuator size compact.

dg 1.jpg
dg 1.jpg (31.24 KiB) Viewed 4330 times

Due to the unique structure, your inspection table can be directly mounted on the rotary actuator output table so it will rotate as the motor rotates based on your commanded speed. Our alpha step plus driver with built-in controller can be used with the DG series for easy programming control. This driver has 8 general purpose inputs so you can connect your push button/toggle switches to any 2 of the general inputs and use that input to trigger the CW or CCW motion. More specifically, a program called STARTUP is stored in the driver and executed once the driver is powered on and START input is active. Therefore, we can modify the STARTUP program so that it will keep checking the input status. Once a specific input is active, it will execute the corresponding subroutine. For your application, we can use general input 1 to call for subroutine 1, and general input 2 for subroutine 2. Then you can program subroutine 1 to be CW continuous move, and subroutine 2 for CCW continuous move. Therefore, input 1 will become your CW input, and input 2 will be your CCW input. Depends on which input you turn on, the DG series actuator will rotate in the corresponding direction.

For more detailed information on the DG series rotary actuators, please use the link below to view the product specifications on our website: ... eries.html

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