LIMO + SCX10: Setting up Motor Resolution (MR)

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LIMO + SCX10: Setting up Motor Resolution (MR)

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:27 pm

Q: I'm using one of your EZS II series motorized slider to create a back and forth motion in a dental test fixture for life testing of a part. In my bench test (no load yet), I have the EZS driver set up in driver mode, and I'm using your SCX10 universal pulse generator to send it a pulse and direction signal. Everything works, but when I command it to go 50 mm, it seems to stop at about 41.7mm every time. It never reaches 50mm. I did change the "UU" (User Unit) in the SCX10 to "mm" so I can use my own units for programming. Is there anything else I missed?

A: It seems that your "MR" parameter is not set up correctly within the SCX10. The default value for the "MR" parameter is "1000". This means "1000 steps per revolution". This would be compatible with our other step motor systems like the AR series. If you use the SCX10 controller with our LIMO products (LIMO for Linear Motion), then you would have to change the "MR" parameter to match the screw resolution in the EZS slider. If you looked at the lead of your screw (we offer 2 types: 6 or 12mm per motor revolution) plus our linear resolution of "0.01 mm per step" for the EZS, you can do some simple math and determine that if you were using a 6mm pitch screw, it will take 6mm / 0.01 mm per step = 600 steps to rotate one revolution on the motor, OR 12mm / 0.01mm per step = 1200 steps to rotate one revolution of the motor. Change your "MR" parameter to either "600" or "1200", and your EZS slider should move 50mm next time.

To change the "MR" parameter, we recommend that you use the SCX10 GUI software, IMC (Immediate Motion Creator). You can either type the command "MR" into the TERMINAL tab, or change the MR value on the SYSTEM PARAMETERS tab.

The pictures below will show you how to change the MR value with either method described above. Let us know if this doesn't resolve your issue.
SCX10 MR Command Description.jpg
SCX10 MR Command Description.jpg (274.86 KiB) Viewed 3689 times

SCX10 MR System Config Location.jpg
SCX10 MR System Config Location.jpg (309.06 KiB) Viewed 3689 times

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