SLIT vs PUSH home seeking mode

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SLIT vs PUSH home seeking mode

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:24 pm

Q: I'm currently using the DG130R-ARAAD-3 rotary actuator system and I was considering homing with either SLIT mode or with PUSH mode. What are the differences? Is a different sensor required to use the “SLIT” homing mode?

Return-to-home is an operation in which the reference point of positioning (mechanical home position) is detected automatically. Using the SLIT homing method will increase the accuracy of your home detection. With SLIT homing mode, a different sensor is required in addition to the home sensor. The home sensor connects to our HOMES input, and the SLIT sensor connects to our SLIT input on the CN5 connector on the driver. Both sensors will need to be on to determine the correct home position. By using the SLIT homing method, the SLIT sensor will allow you to stop at an exact position within the home position.

SLIT + PUSH mode homing.jpg
SLIT + PUSH mode homing.jpg (124.52 KiB) Viewed 6330 times

With PUSH mode homing, the motor operates at the starting speed of the home-seeking mode. During PUSH mode homing, when the moving part on the DG index table is pressed against a mechanical stopper, physical limit, or hard-stop, the DG system will detect this with its built-in feedback, stop, and rotate in the reverse direction. After reversing direction, the motor will move 200 steps and stop, and then the stop position will be determined as the home position. With our DGII series rotary actuators and geared AR motors, the Push Mode homing method isn’t recommended. On our AR geared motors the gear type and gear ratio can vary based on the product model. On our DG and DGII series actuators there is an 18:1 gear ratio. Using the Push Mode Homing may cause damage to the system. The concern is for the life of the mechanical components in the gearhead. Using the Push mode homing with geared DG or AR models may reduce the life of the product. For geared options, please consider using a sensor for mechanical homing.

SLIT + PUSH mode homing - sensor modes.jpg
SLIT + PUSH mode homing - sensor modes.jpg (248.45 KiB) Viewed 6330 times

For more information on homing modes and timing charts, please reference the manual:
Page 68-73 11.2 Return-to-home operation ... 065-3E.pdf

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