MEXE02 pop up message: restore driver

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MEXE02 pop up message: restore driver

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:04 pm

Q: Hi, I'm working with your DG II series rotary hollow table, DG85R-ARAAD-3, built-in controller model. I'm also using the MEXE02 software and the CC05IF-USB cable. I think I have communication working between my PC and your MEXE02 software. However, whenever I try the remote/teaching operation, I receive a pop up message that I cannot get rid of unless I cancel it. After I save my data from PC->product (data reading/writing), a pop up message comes up and says "....synchronization complete, restore the driver....". If I click OK, the message doesn't go away. If I cancel, then the communication ceases and teach/remote mode is not possible. Am I missing something? Can you help?

A: "Restore driver" means cycle power. Please cycle power, then click OK. The message will go away, then the MEXE02 software will verify data before continuing to remote/teach operation. Let us know if you have more trouble.

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