Help with a new project.

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Help with a new project.

Postby oscar.munoz » Tue Dec 31, 2013 10:19 am

I'm about to start a new project where I require two EZSM6E020MA, but I do not know if I can connect to a EMP402-2 controller, because the function that will do will be the same, not if only a cotrolador I can do or need the dual axis .
Basically what it does is put in parallel, and a bar over them both, to move them to different pocisiones.
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Re: Help with a new project.

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:20 pm

Hi Oscar,

Here is how you can synchronize the motion of 2 EZS II series linear slides (EZS6E020M-A model includes both EZSM6E020MA motorized slide + ESMC-A2 controller) with the EMP402-2 dual axis motion controller.

Turn both ESMC-A2 controllers into "driver mode" by using its dip switches (while power is off). Connect one ESMC-A2 controller to the AXIS1 connector of the EMP402-2 controller, then connect the other ESMC-A2 controller to the AXIS2 connector of the EMP402-2 controller. This way, you can use the EMP controller's parallel processing function and command to make sure that both EZS slide start and stop at the same time (see "MU" command).

The other tricky part is to set up your resolution which is set by the UNIT command. Please refer to the manual for this description. It's too long to post.

Please see below for a dip switch information on the EZS controller.
EZS, ESMC controller dip switch settings.jpg

Please see below for a description of the "MU" parallel processing command. This is on page 75 of the EMP manual. Do not use a DELAY command.
EMP MU parallel processing.jpg

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