BLE: setting torque limits with MEXE02 SW

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BLE: setting torque limits with MEXE02 SW

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Mon Sep 12, 2016 3:45 pm

Q: Hi I'm building 4 machines each with a BLE series BLE512A10S-3 BLDC motor and driver which I have already purchased. For my application, I need to be able to preset some uniform data stored in the drivers (such as preset speed settings), but I have to adjust the torque limit setting on the fly (for each set speed that I program) so I would prefer to set it with the analog potentiometers on the driver. Is this possible? I can only find information on setting this torque limit parameter with the MEXE02 GUI software.

A: Yes. This is possible with some changes to the driver settings using our MEXE02 GUI software. Please follow the process below.

1. First, download/install the MEXE02 software from our website ( ... tware.html), and request a CC05IF-USB communication cable (1st pc is free) from your local sales office.

2. Connect the CC05IF-USB communication cable between the driver and a USB terminal on a PC.

3. Open the MEXE02 software and set up communication with the correct COM port and communication settings. If you can read the data from the driver successfully, then this is set up correctly.

4. Set necessary fixed (preset) data with the MEXE02 software. This is the data that will be stored on all the drivers initially.

5. This is the parameter that will allow you to change the torque limit with an external analog potentiometer (or DC analog voltage 0-5 or 0-10VDC) on the driver. The default setting only allows analog setting for speed and acceleration/deceleration time. You will need to access the following menu item on the MEXE02 software (under OPERATION tab):

BLE standard model - setting torque limit via analog potentiometer on MEXE02 SW.jpg
BLE standard model - setting torque limit via analog potentiometer on MEXE02 SW.jpg (154.7 KiB) Viewed 3510 times

To see the pull-down menu items, please double click on the parameter field, then click on the DOWN ARROW to see all options.

NOTE: if you use the analog setting for torque limit, this means that speed and acceleration will need to be set digitally.

6. After completing data setup, make sure to write the data into the driver by using the FILE menu within the MEXE02 software. This will move all the data written on the MEXE02 software to the memory of the driver.

7. Immediately after writing the data, use FILE-SAVE AS to save the data file in a .mx2 format. This will save all current data from the MEXE02 into a data file. You can import the same data file to the other drivers in order to synchronize operation between drivers. Use FILE-OPEN to open a data file.

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