Brother Gearmotors: Thermal Protection?

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Brother Gearmotors: Thermal Protection?

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:23 am

Q: Do your Brother gearmotors offer thermal protection to stop operation of the motor when its temperature exceeds normal operating conditions? I plan on using an inverter to boost the motor's rated torque by increasing voltage/current at certain times so I'm worried that it may raise the operating temperature and decrease life of the motor.

A: Unfortunately, thermal protection is not offered for our Brother gearmotors (from 1/2~3 HP). We do offer thermal protection and/or impedance protection for smaller motors. The Brother gearmotors are induction motors rated for continuous duty. The boost function of your inverter could raise the operating temperature of the motor. To avoid overheating and to prolong the life of the motor, please either stay within the intended specifications, or provide external overload protection based on input current to the motor (fuse, circuit breaker, or inverter function). We would suggesting testing to make sure that the motor will not overheat with your inverter. 2-3 hours of testing will allow the motor to reach its saturated temperature. At that point, it can be determined if it will overheat.

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